Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Portfolio Pic

A Bit of My Portfolio
This is an old shot of mine. The band "Drop Nineteens" were a bit taken aback when they were shown it - the were an American band who weren't at all associated with the image. The art director "sold it" as it was different -to say the least. The shot was taken in a teaching hospital in London, (they were very helpful), we were shown into a big room with stainless steal benches dotted around. Some of the benches had body shaped objects on with covers over them. To cut a long story even longer we found a Technician and told him that we had arranged to photograph a human brain - and he said @right then - how do you want it'. We thought in a jar. So he slapped it in this glass jar and filled it with water and what you see here is the result. This image is not - by any means - digital but shows what old fashioned film could do - and we didnt have to spend hours sweating over a hot computer to get the effect. However the drop nineteens label was added afterwards. The faces on the back cover were also done "in camera". Has anyone heard of this group?
The art direction on this shoot was by Ian Kay of Hills Archer Studios

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