Friday, March 28, 2008

A lighting technique

In the previous blog you may have noticed that my subject was a - highly reflective- chrome object. When photographing shiney objects it sometimes looks better if you light the subject so that it only reflects white (instead of other incidental surroundings). To aid this I made a white "tent" out of an old - white - plastic bag and attached it to the lens with a rubber band.
This picture illustrates the tent arrangement and this one
is a suitable subject. If you have larger objects to photograph it may be necessary to build a tent from suitable material. In the past I have used "Kodatrace" - a drawing office type of material, translucent plasic - similar to the plastic bag and also polystyrene sheets and using a "soft-box" as a light source. Naturally the lens will be reflected in the subject so this an occasion to use a long focal lenght lens to get the camera as far away as possible so that the lens reflections is small. Then it is quite easy to remove using an image editor - such as Adobe Photoshop. I intend to clean the shot up later - as you can see there are still a lot of reflections going on.

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