Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You might not want to see this - its uncovered

Today I had my stitches out so my digital hand looks a mess. The surgeon warned me that it would look as if a dog had savaged it and it does. I will put the image of it up as small as it will go and it's up to you if you click on it to see it life size. As a matter of interest I used the flash on the camera as available light made it look even worse than it is. After the surgeon had told me it looked ok to him i was taken away to have the stitches removed. The nurse who removed them thought I would be having physiotherapy so left it uncovered. When I checked in to physio they gave me an appointment for tomorrow. I had to come home with it as you see it. Not a pretty sight.

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Alastair said...

I hope that your hand is getting better. It certainly looks quite dramatic in the pic. Bravo for the blog - its is really informative.