Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Afterthought

My previous blog regarding Panoramas was becoming too big so I published it before I was through. I would like to emphasize that there are many ways of doing things in photoshop. It is important that you remember what works best for you. My next point is regarding subject suitability. My 3 pictures just about work together because I shot them with a panoramic view in mind. You might notice that I didn't have a tripod - I got away with that. I shouldnt have used a Polariser - you might see the join in a print but it works fine on screen. My camera is tending to vignette at it's widest angle. Wide angle lenses are notorious for being brighter in the centre of image than at the edges. This is highlighted by the special filter made for the Hassleblad SWC that is calibrated to the lens you are using. This gives perfect illumination over the entire image area. I would not suggest going that far. Photoshop can compensate for this problem if you happen to be using RAW images.

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