Friday, April 18, 2008

A bit more of my portfolio

I dont have thousands of images in my portfolio as you will see - as time goes on. I had to leave piles of stuff behind when the landlord of the building I was using changed the locks. This is my first record sleeve that had my name credited on it. The group are mostly famous for "Two pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please". I am sure you all remember that. Cover Design by Barbara/Ian for Cream (I don't think they still operate under that name). The shoot was'nt altogether a success as Splodge (the dog) wouldn't pee into the horn. Et was all we could do to get him to stay in shot. This was long before Photoshop got going. I am not saying it wasn't around just my clients were artists and didnt hold with new-fangled technology. (Sorry Ian). The wonder was that we got anything at all. Such was the life of a Photographer in those days. As I said before - this was the first of my oics to carry my name. There are many occasions when the photographer is anonymous -some planned and some not.

My first actual album cover doesnt really count as it is only a flat-art copy. This, however, was much more tricky than the Splodge as it had to be dead straight - there being no Photoshop etc. My first was Pink Floyds "The Wall". The artwork was a full size (almost) rendition of a cartoon drawing of a wall. Of course my copy of the album doesnt quite make it straight. To get the shot we had to borrow a large studio and 10x8 camera -the lot. My little company didn't run to such luxuries. We had tried shooting outdoors but I got colour casts from the doors of the lock-up garages in the mews I worked in. Also the traffic wardens weren't very helpful as also the weather. I think the only tip I picked up from this exercise was how to make sure the camera was flat on to the artwork. If anybody needs to know this kindly drop me a line or put a comment up.

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anthony said...

Wow - The Wall cover! Can't wait so see more hidden gems - keep 'em coming :) Hope your hand is recovering too!