Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day One

This is the first day of my blog. Lets start with the obvious. You will need to read your manual. Unless, of course, the salesman sets your camera up for you and tells you which button takes the picture. So go and take pictures. The only rule in photography is "there are no rules". Just look in the magazines - anything goes. If you have an artistic bent it may help looking around some galleries. By all means copy the techniques of the famous - but if you have your own it is much more rewarding. It is useful to know what you will do with the pictures you take. If you are just viewing them on screen the image size - usually called quality doesnt need to be high. If you want prints - what size? An image from a mobile phone can look quite good even up to 10inches by 8inches or even A4 - but even better at 6"x4". If you can't stand the excitement of seeing you pictures on you computer it is ok to take your camera to your local print shop and have them do it all for you, however, I think you might want to play. See my next entry

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